About Us

Welcome to our website!!

We search to find you unusual one of a kind vintage or handmade jewelry from around the world!Amazing beautiful vintage pieces ( they do not make them like they used to :) ), Plated sterling silver , handmade turquoise and coral made in Tibet, and middle eastern outrageous intricate hand done pieces that look spectacular and jingle jangle when worn!! I was a jewellery designer in the Jaipur City for 4 years where I was paid to travel the world to shop for companies and find special items they could show their Buyers. Over the years I developed a skilled eye and taste level. I am now using that to find you amazing items that you can purchase for gifts or add to your collection!


Please go to our home page and you will see the different categories of jewelry we offer. The pictures on the home page only represent the type of jewelry you will find on that page and are not the only pieces we have for sale! In fact you will find many more amazing items in each category both large and small when you click on that frame! We list new pcs all the time so please check back regularly! We are happy to help you or answer any questions you may have! Just go to contact us on the home page and write your question or message for us or send your e-mail to……………… and we will get back to you asap!